Birthdays flying by so let's capture every moment x

So my babies,(* note to self, I must stop calling them that!), turned 3 last week! 

How time flies.  To think that the germ of the idea for this business was during our time in Special Care, when I began to think about all the little keepsakes I wanted to save for them, and now here we are!  I've just been rushing to pack 7 gifts before the next day courier collected, wrap another 3 gifts to take to the Post Office on my way to the school run and eventual nursery run, where no doubt my two little tearaways have been ripping it up all day!

Time flies and memories sadly fade which is why I'm really chuffed that I've got my act together and as well as filling their memory boxes, I've also started a memory jar and quotes journal to help preserve all the special moments from all three kids.  TLKC stock all items so I really had no excuse did I??!!!

Three?  Next school, then graduation and then they'll be gone.  *Next note to self - remember to fill in the book and memory jar!!!!!!!

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