KEEPSAKE – noun (‘Ki:p,seik)

Definition:  A gift that evokes memories of a person or event with which it is associated

So what is a keepsake and why do we think they are important? We think a keepsake could literally be anything that reminds you of a precious moment from any time in your life. Life is flying by and we all say at some time or another how we can’t believe where time has gone. It’s true of all our lives. Children grow up too fast, parties end too soon and before you know it you’re framing photos of your beloved grandchildren!

Yet along the way, with each chapter, there are memories that warm the heart and bring a smile to our faces. Memories locked away, not seen, rarely shared and only brought to life with the occasion trigger.

A keepsake kept close will unlock those memories, remind you more often and constantly keep you smiling. In our busy lives when we are striving for more, it’s important to remember what we’ve had and what we’ve got.

Keepsakes can remind us how much we are loved, how much we love others and remind us how important it is to keep that love alive by creating lovely new memories. And we think that is super important!

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