Football Crazy Keepsakes

So Chelsea won the Premiership this weekend and Preston North End finally won a Play Off, after 10 attempts, and will now go up to the Championship.  Huge celebrations for players, their families and of course the fans.  What a day to remember!

But I was watching the celebrations and I couldn't help but wonder how each of them would remember the day?  Would the players keep their shirts or frame them?  If they gave them to fans would the fans frame them or stick them on eBay?  Would the wives and girlfriends looking so beautiful posing for photographs with their men with whom they are so proud, actually take the time to print out all those digital images and decorate their home with them or would they remain forgotten on the camera or iPhone?  And the fans.  What would become of all those programmes, scarves, tickets and photographs that meant so much on that day?  Did they have a football keepsake box, did they frame them or did they shuv them in the back of a drawer somewhere?

Such huge celebrations, such an amazing day, for some never to be repeated.  I can't help but hope they take a moment to help themselves cherish those memories and take care of their keepsakes! 

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