So this morning I woke to a text from my Mum reminding me it would have been my Nana's birthday.  My wonderfully hilarious Nana sadly passed away when I was just 13 but such was my love and admiration for her, I still have lovely vivid memories of her, mostly of her cuddles, soft silky skin and how she made me laugh.  Betty was her name, though she was christened Elizabeth, hence Elizabeth is one of my middle names and I was desperate for my daughter to have that name too.  Anya Elizabeth Rose will one day learn that her full name boasts those of both her Mummy's beloved Grandmothers.  It struck me today though, as I wondered if she would have been proud of my new venture, that I was sure she would have been, but could only guess that fact.  I don't know her thoughts, feelings, general views of opinions; she might have thought I was a lunatic for taking on the business with three young children.  And so that reminded me to send my own Mum our 'From Me To My Grandchildren' journals.  I wish Nana had had one and I wish I knew more of her thoughts and feelings.  That way I could still feel close to her age 40 and I could teach my little girl more about her Great Grandmother.  So Mum, look out for Postie and grab a pen!  You'll wish you never sent that text!! xx #Bettylove #HappyBirthday
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