Best days of your life!

We were always told they were the best days of your life but not one of us believed our parents!  And yet if you were offered endless days spent with friends, learning new things about the world everyday, hot dinners and a 7 week holiday, these days you'd sign up anyday!

I can vividly remember some of my most favourite teachers.  My first reception teacher, Mrs Sales who gave lovely hugs and laughed at my jokes; Mr Livesey, my Primary Head, who was 'cool' and a man, which was a first, and introduced me to Roald Dahl; Mr Varey by Secondary RE teacher who had just graduated and lived out of his car; Mr Colgan, my Head of First Year (year 7!) who was so kind and I wanted him to marry my Mum; Mrs Stephens who taught me GCSE Drama, introduced me to Preston Youth Theatre and gave me sooo much self belief I often feel sad I didn't follow those dreams; Mr Ryan who painstakingly dragged me through GCSE Maths, suggested I get a special tutor to help and then gave me the biggest bear hug when I landed a 'B' grade and Mr Kenworthy, Head of English who used to threaten to "rip out your arms and make you chew the soggy ends" if you didn't stop talking! #refreshing!

All in all an eclectic bunch but the one thing they all had in common when I look back now is that I had so much respect for them because they were all kind, funny and made me feel I had super powers, if only I applied them.  And so I tried.  I'm still trying to fly but thanks to them, I always try to have a go.

In honour of all teachers out there who are helping create tomorrow's super heroes out of our kids, we have collected some lovely gifts to say thank you!

(I should say my brother has completely different view of some of these teachers!!)

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