A Special Keepsake From My Brother x

You never know who is thinking about you or wishing you well do you?  This morning had been hectic and I was racing round running errands before settling down to arrange 3 courier deliveries and gift wrap the weekend's orders, when I noticed an order from my brother!  Bizarre, he never mentioned it yesterday?  And why has the noggin put my address for delivery not his own?  Looking closer I got the shock of my life! 

It's always nice to receive a gift but it was even nicer to know there were people thinking about me, rooting for The Lovely Keepsake Company and most of all understanding the importance of keepsakes to help remember special moments.  The engraving is to say: To TLKC Your family are proud of you x

The wording on the gift card (I have to make myself!) was....

This is a little gift for our Helen from her loving family. It may not be used, this is OK but it must be accepted. Mum, Andrew, Kate and I know for sure Jason and all or our 5 kids are so proud of you and we love you very much! Good Luck with your new business. We know its going to be a huge success and we can't wait to hear your story on Desert Island Disks. Who is Jo Malone anyway??
From all your loving family! xxx 

I remember thinking how handy letter openers are when I uploaded this new personalised product and wished we had one - and now we will have!  I will cherish this gift for an eternity and every time I open every letter it will remind me of what a wonderful family I have, of my most gorgeous, thoughtful brother and of the day he wished me and my new business the very best of luck. #luckygirl #momento #brotherlylove



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