Tell us Judy!

So she is Mummy to Britain's current Wimbledom champion and now he's through to the Quarter Finals 2015.  But it's been a long journey and all the way, she has been there for him, now sat in the stands but for years driving him to competitions, training him on courts near home and far away and no doubt, supporting him long distance on the phone too.  She's a Mummy to a Wimbledom champ, now few can say that!

I'd love a sneak peak into her keepsake box.  She's probably got one for both her boys.  Wonder what momentos she has kept from their journey through the years?  Ball from Andy's first tournament win? Programme from his first big competition? Perhaps a beat up pair of tennis shoes from his first major? 

As a tennis fan, that's a keepsake box I'd love to delve into!  But what of her memories?  What about her thoughts, feelings, emotions over the years?  Wonder if she has kept a journal and logged each step that she could perhaps tell her grandchildren, which may soon be on they way following Andy's recent marriage to Kim?

Well Judy, over to you....... #dishit

(and if you've not got a keepsake box or journal you know where to find us!)

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