5 cool ways to help your kids remember a day at the beach

For those of us brave enough embrace the Great British weather this Summer, then there is nothing more liberating and enjoyable than a good old fashioned day out at the seaside.

We just returned from 10 fantastic days on the Devon coast and despite a 10 hour drive and a couple of duvet/den days due to the usual downpours, we had some brilliant times with the kids on the beautiful beaches there.  Just letting them run free, getting plenty of fresh air, digging sand, investigating rockpools and generally chilling out together as a family (twins antics allowing of course!)  I just hope Zac will remember it.

Here's some ideas of how to help the kids remember their best days on the beach:

1  Frame the shells and interesting stones they collect in the rockpools in a deep frame labelled with location and date

2  Remember to print and frame your favourite photo - generally we leave then on the computer!

3  Write a postcard to yourself describing the most fun activities and add to their memory box

4  Update your family journal with the best anecdotes and quotes from the holiday

5  Use sand from the beach to create family footprint moulds - see previous Facebook post on how to do this!

Some of these are easier than others, and some you probably always promise to do but always forget.  They really are great ways to keep memories alive for your kids, but they'll also fill another day with an activity in the school holiday...and we all need that, right?!

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