A note to my GodDaughter x


Darling girl,

I really love my present, but what I really do love more,

is the way you stood and told me off, as I next came through your door!


"Auntie Helen you forgot your present!, you didn't take it home!"

I knew I was in trouble, I could tell by your very angry tone!


Pink and purple are your favourite colours, as they too are mine,

Your sticking of the pretty flowers, is just simply so divine.


Forget perfume or lip gloss, and you can keep your Jo Malone,

The present that I will love and keep, was made by you at home.


As I look each day at my lovely gift, I can see it took time to make,

So Zara can I say I'm truly sorry, and promise to forever love my birthday keepsake!


To Zara, age 4, with love and thanks 

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