Thinking of Pony Mad Princesses!

So this week we've wrapped a gorgeous horse musical jewellry box for a little girl who is about to celebrate her 4th birthday.  It was a gift from her auntie who ordered from all the way in Australia!  We've made a collage of this special keepsake box today and I just can't stop thinking about that little girl!

I am sooo excited for her!  I'm assuming she loves horses and ponies otherwise her gift might have been the more traditional ballerina, and if she is anything like the little girls in my life who love horses, she will burst when she opens this specially chosen present from her Auntie in Oz!

I would love to see her face!  I'd love to hear her squeal!  And I'd love to see what random keepsakes she puts in her box over the next few weeks.

I love love love thinking about all our customers, as well as their loved ones for whom they have sometimes ordered a gift.  A million stories untold behind every order and that's why I love this company. 

Enjoy little princess and Happy Birthday x

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