5 gift ideas for a Baby's First Christmas.

All the first milestones are hugely exciting in the first 12 months of being a Mummy and Daddy!  Every little development, special date and step forward is so special and baby's first Christmas is no different, in fact, as family and friends come together it's possibly extra special.

Here are our Top Five recommended gifts for Baby's First Christmas: 

  • Baubles 
  • Teddy Bears 
  • Handprint ink kits or Clay impression moulding kits
  • Personalised photo frames
  • First 12 month gifts

The most important thing to remember when buying a gift for a baby who is celebrating their first Christmas is actually the excitement of the parents!  It is they who often the gift is really for!  Baby knows little about it really, let's be honest!  

So when choosing a baby's first Christmas it's typically important to remember what's important to the parents, the year baby was born, sometimes what gender, and of course, ensuring it is a keepsake that can be brought out or enjoyed for many years to come.  

    Baubles are by far our best selling First Christmas gift for babies.  Most of them can have year to remember and all of them can be personalised with baby's name.  They look great on the tree and are always really well received by the parents.  Plus, they can be packed carefully away and brought out year after year bringing memories flooding back. 

    Whose baby doesn't like a cuddly friend?  Our collection of teddy bears are always hugely popular, especially the ones we can record a voice onto or personalise with a name or date.  These are the type of gift that, if lucky enough, will be adopted by that special someone as their favourite friend and stay with them a lifetime.  Snuggly friends always make the best Christmas presents for babies. 

    It is so true when people say that you forget how little the baby was!  A gift of a way to preserve the size and shape of their tiny feet of hands is a fabulous, unique gift that will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.  We have kits where you can use clay to take 3D impressions of hands or feet and then frame them, or kits where you can take prints of hands and feet, again to be framed and installed in the house.  This is a perfect keepsake for little ones for Christmas. 

    Every home has an eager photographer at Christmas, especially if there is a new baby in the family!  With smart phone cameras these days, too often these photographs get left on the phone and forgotten, which is we we have collated a lovely collection of photoframes that can be personalised with Baby's name and the year of their first Christmas.  Mummy and Daddy can then put their favourite photograph in it and enjoy it all year round. 

    However many months old baby is, either one or eleven, a gift that would record each month of their first year will be a great idea for a present for Christmas.  We have a lovely selection of gifts including scrapbooks, photo montage frames and keepsake boxes to savour the memories and track baby's progress.  A practical yet thoughtful gift for new families at Christmas. 


    The gift of life is a celebration in itself and Christmas is another excuse to celebrate having a new little person in our lives.  They are fussed over, passed around and often spoilt whilst showered with gifts.  Our collection of baby's first Christmas gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile both on that first Christmas day, but also for many more years to come.  

    Enjoy x





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