A box of delights!

It seems you can create moments and memories out of almost anything, even an everyday occasion.

After a successful start to Zac's football league first thing this morning, then a lovely couple of hours with friends late morning, we all spent a relaxing afternoon in the garden and I took the opportunity to do a stock take.

We had several large deliveries this week preparing for Christmas and replenishing signature frames and luggage keepsake boxes that have been flying out in recent weeks, and they all arrive in huge boxes with loads of bubble wrap.....sheer temptation and joy for an active, imaginative 7 year old and 2 year old toddler twins!

So instead of ushering the kids out of the store, we carried out all the boxes and some bubble wrap and left them to it.  There followed hilarious den making, inevitable squabbles and the occasional engineering frustrations! But lots and lots and lots of giggles!

The most gorgeous photos of faces filled with fun and laughter, an hour to cherish and remember x



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