A moment of your time please


Time is probably our greatest asset.  Busy lives mean time is precious and it often feels strange that as we busy ourselves in the daily grind, we leave too little time for the things we enjoy most or the things that make us feel good the most.

Time is the one thing I am constantly hearing myself say I have too little of.  "Make time" I also hear myself say, but it never seems to happen.  Until 1.30pm today.  Myself and two friends all have birthdays within a month of each other, two late July and one the start of August and it has taken until today for us to all get together, exchange gifts and enjoy a nice lunch together!  And we are supposed to be good friends!?! 

It was a real tonic.  I'm sure for us all.  We exchanged stories, updated each other on our 'busy' lives, gasped at photos of how all our kids have grown over summer, and as ever, promised not to leave it as long!! 

As gifts were exchanged and gratefully received, I realised that just the hour and a half that we were together, was perhaps the greatest gift we could give each other.  I don't want loans of shoes, gossip or invites to parties from my friends, I just want a little bit of their time. To share moments, create memories and for today, to just feel alive!

I feel refreshed and happy following our lunch and whilst it is possibly my single biggest, most valuable asset, I've promised myself to give each of my friends a little bit more of my time, more often. 

Love you guys x


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