Highlights from #WhenWednesdays 23/09/15

Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to join in the fun on the first Lovely Keepsake #WhenWednesdays - our way of helping share all those crazy funny memories created in everyday situations!

Look out for the next topic next Wednesday!  Some weren't repeatable and some weren't quite on topic but here are some of the highlights from this week!!  Hilarious!  #happymemories


- When you fall off the double decker bus on the way home from the races 

- When you lift your skirt and run around with your pants on show

- When you collapse in the flower beds of a top Harrogate hotel on your boyfriend's first Christmas do as a new couple!

- When you get home and realise you left your kids at your friends house! 

- When i think doing a handstand is a good idea!

- When you mean to squeak out a cheeky trump and not only is it hot but it's "silent yet violent!!"

- When you try approximately 17 times to say the word "sophisticated"

- When you say I'm going to stop eating rubbish and start exercising!!!

- When you mistake fly spray for deodorant! 

Love them!  Thanks y'all

#WhenWednesdays #Crazybunch

image credit Reddit. 

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