Buy early for Christmas 2016 and get 20% off!

It's no coincidence that there hasn't been a blog update since November and that we were rushed off our feet for the six weeks in the run up to Christmas arranging, wrapping and packing Christmas keepsake gifts!!  And since then, we've been recovering.

We had a super time fulfilling all your exciting orders, from Keepsake Bears and Cushions for special gifts to sentimental meaninful baubles for your tree - you kept us busy!!  Thank you.

To help you, and us, we are giving our customers 20% off all your Christmas Keepsake Items so if you saw something but didn't get round to ordering, buy now, be prepared and enjoy the saving!  Offer ends 31 January!

Simply put EARLY BIRD in the discount code.

Be prepared!  and Merry Christmas 2016.....ouch!  Did I really just type that? lol x

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