Advice of preparing pet keepsakes for when the time comes.

We totally understand that your pets are part of your family.  Adored individuals with wonderful personalities that often complete families and make a house a home. 

Sadly their lives are often shorter than ours so it's not uncommon to know someone or indeed for ourselves to sadly have to cope with the loss of a fur baby, and it is terribly difficult. 

We have been careful to ensure we have a collection of keepsakes for our lost pets as well as friends or relatives and as they have become more and more popular, we have extended the range with brand new designs for you to choose from.  

One thing we have noticed is that quite often when we receive an order for a pawprint kit, there is a note asking for it to be sent as quickly as possible as the pet is nearing the end.  Sometimes, the kit doesn't make it in time. 

This made us think, and in talking to some Veterinary friends of ours it appears that having to think about keepsakes when a pet is poorly or newly deceased can often be heart breaking at best, or at worst, the last thing an owner wants to think about. 

If you are in the terrible position of having to take a poorly pet to the vets, it is a really difficult situation for everyone when they have to ask a series of formal questions near the end.  Our vet friends have told us how awkward and upsetting it is for them, having to ask about paw print or fur clipping keepsakes when the patient's families are coming to the terms of their impending bereavement, but it's something they need to ask.  They have also told us that many families are too upset to consider this, but later regret not giving it more thought. We understand though, it's a very distressing time and there is a lot to take in. 

We also thought, surely it's nicer to create keepsakes such as pawprints, clay prints or to take a small clipping of fur, in happier times.  When your cat or dog are fit, healthy and happy, creating a meaningful keepsake is probably the last thing on your mind but it might be a good idea to consider doing so.  It's a much better situation than when you know they are going to leave you soon, plus, you might not actually get chance to make a keepsake if you leave it too late.  The worst thing for us here, is when customers contact us to return a kit because it's too late. 

Our best advice, create a keepsake now and enjoy the experience with your furry friend, put it away safely and you then don't have to worry about trying to hold onto or make something when the time comes. 

You won't regret it and you'll have a much cherished reminder of the happiest days with your much cherished family member! 

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