Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Today marks the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week. Tonight, at 7pm, families around the country will be lighting a candle to remember babies loved and lost. There is so much to say and talk about on this subject and yet, on reflection, there are few words. Losing a baby, or pregnancy is not just the loss of that child, it is also the loss of the realisation of dreams, a future together and often parental loss of hope, trust and self worth.

Personally I haven't lost a baby, but I have lost a pregnancy I pinned so much to and worked so hard for. I also had 3 failed pregnancy attempts and the loss of those 4 embryos was hugely painful and shattering. My beautiful Goddaughters Harriet & Isabella were born sleeping, 20 years ago, and as I held Isabella looking out over the daffodils, I promised her, her Mum and myself that I would never forget how precious every baby is and what a miracle life really is. I also often think fondly of my friend's Angel Baby Sylvie who is also teaching those who love her about the precious gift of life and living each day to the full and Angel Baby Abbie Grace Cowell who inspired her Mummy to support other Mummies of Angel Babies through Abbie's Fund. All here for such a short time yet made such a huge impact on those around them.

This week, Angel Baby families don't miss their babies any more than any other week, but they are able to remind everyone else that their babies are real, the grief is real and that it is really really important to say their names. Talk to them about their babies, how old they would be, what would they be doing now, how would they have interacted with other siblings, the inspiration and lessons they've given the parents, friends and family, just anything, anything at all, just don't forget them. Say their name. Remember them. Remember how important they are to their parents, still.

Tonight I will be lighting my candle, for my pregnancies, my Goddaughters and those two Angel Babies that I admire and love from afar. 🕯👼🏻

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