Celebrating the talent around us this Mother's Day!

When I was young one of my favourite books was the Purple Ronnie Guide To Love.  I thought it was hilarious!  I loved how it read, what it said and how it looked on the page. I used to swap the funny cards with friends whenever we could afford to buy them and if we didn't have any money, we'd sneak into Owen Owens and browse all the new designs.  The poems were cheeky, fun and always brought a smile.  They seemed to touch on subjects that meant something to me in my life at that time. 

Which is possibly why the wonderful work of the talented local poet Catherine Prutton has always resonated with me and why I am absolutely thrilled to be launching a collaboration with her for you all this Mother's Day 2022. 

Catherine is a Mum from Hull who sells her poems on Etsy and promotes her work on Instagram @wordsbycatherineprutton which is where I first came across her


I should just pause and state that my obsession with her work is purely out of admiration and belief that she should be duly recognised for her talents with some sort of formal publishing deal.  Catherine would be the first person to say it's probably more than a little unnerving the number of Likes, Shares and comments of 'Nailed It' I post onto her page!  I can't help it!  I think she's ace!  AND her stories are hilarious.  Not polished, not bullshit just honest and hilarious!

The fact is she nails my feelings with her poems, time and again.  Her words are hilarious, touching and often give me goose bumps.  Her unique style jumps of the page and you can feel the warmth and empathy as if a best friend is reading to you. 

The very best thing about Words by Catherine Prutton is that Catherine Prutton has no idea just how amazing her Words are!  Despite her talent, constant amazing feedback and growing popularity, having seen her stories and most recently had the privilege of speaking to her, you can sense her humility.  It's this humble, honest, self depreciation that adds a special touch to her work.  You really feel she gets life, your life in fact and finds a perfect way to reach out and make you feel better. 

I reached out and was beyond excited when she agreed to launch a special range of unique Mother's Day gifts that we could present to our customers.  Not just any Mother's Day presents, a carefully thought through collection with special messages for extra special women at this time of year. 

To thank Mums as we realise just how much they have done for us, for First Time Mums who may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, and for Mums who have lost a baby or child and though still a Mother, are unable to feel their child in their arms this Mother's Day. 

We knew Catherine would treat each subject with great empathy but we were still bowled over when she presented her poems to us.  "Nailed It' once again!  They are stunning and perfectly say what we'd want to say to those we love. 

We are proud, honoured and very excited with the launch of this collection this Mother's Day. 

More than anything it feels great to work with local talent and I hope this small collaboration will greatly boost Catherine's profile as she so deserves.  

I love Anna Lewis of @sketchymuma, I follow her and bought her book....

I love @charliemackesy, I follow him and bought his book....

I love Ian and Jeremy of @allontheboard, I follow them and bought their book....

I love @wordsbycatherineprutton, I follow her AND AM DESPERATE FOR A BOOK! 

I'm sure you'll all agree the huge potential when you visit the range:

You can visit the Catherine Prutton Mother's Day Keepsake Gift Collection HERE 

I honestly hope you love them and that your loved ones will love their new gifts too! x





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