Christmas Eve Boxes - 2019 is a great year to start a tradition!

Christmas Eve Boxes - 2019 is a great year to start a tradition!

I came across the Christmas Eve Box idea three years ago when my friend told me she'd seen it on FB on a post from America.  Not only did I think it was a great idea for my own kids, I knew immediately they were perfect keepsakes for our customers that they could bring out year after year. 

Sometimes called 'Night Before Christmas' Boxes, they are personalised for each child (or adult!) and are brought out when the curtains are drawn and the family is gathered around waiting for Santa the night before the big day.

You can fill them with anything but ideas include: 

For the kids; Christmas DVD, hot chocolate, pyjamas and slippers (perfect for Christmas morning's photos), chocolate coins, reindeer food (super easy to make - just oats and glitter!), Christmas colouring in book, Santa's magic key (not everyone has a chimney!), Christmas bubble bath, stocking, cookie baking kit to make for Santa, candy canes, Christmas stickers, Christmas decoration, Santa hat and finally on our list, a board game for all the family to play.

For the adults; Pyjamas & cosy socks, bottle of wine for mum, cosy throw, Christmas bubble bath, scented Christmas candle, Christmas morning coffee mug, red nail varnish, CD of Christmas songs, fudge (yum!), hot water bottle, beer for dad, Santa hat, chocolate liquors, mince pies, Christmas decoration, popcorn and finally on our list, a bottle of the strong stuff; gin, whiskey - you name it!

I still have the sack that I had when I was a child!  I can't remember a year I didn't use the same one, that's how long I've had it and I'm now 45!  I love it and I love that it comes out year after year, no matter how battered it is.  Imagine your child, all grown up, showing their kids their Christmas Eve Box that they've had since childhood!  Imagine them opening boxes with their own family but still using their same old box!

Traditions have to start somewhere.  So why not make 2019 the year to start this one?!  There are loads of sizes and designs to choose from and we also have plenty of ideas for personalised gifts to put inside the boxes for adults and children too!


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