Christmas Gifts Ideas Blog 1 - Remembering a loved one

Christmas Gifts Ideas Blog 1 - Remembering a loved one

So I'm putting together a series of blogs for the next few weeks to help give ideas for Christmas keepsake gifts and give you an early start on your shopping.

The first blog might seem a very strange one but in fact, as gifts go, last Christmas it was our Memorial collection that was the most popular.

If you have lost someone this year, or previous years, or indeed have a loved one who has lost someone dear to them, we have a collection of personalised keepsakes that make lovely, thoughtful gifts for Christmas.

They are unusual and extremely special and at a time when we are struggling for ideas and trying to avoid buying 'tat', they proved extremely popular last year.  In fact we could barely keep up!!

Keepsake Memory Cushions



Our Keepsake Memory Cushions are hugely popular and we get lots of extremely positive feedback, especially when they have been received as a gift.  We can generally make them out of any garment, not just shirts as many other companies advertise, in fact we've made them out of pyjama bottoms, dressing gowns and Tshirts recently.  They have the option of personalised embroidery, either with a poem, or without, though many customers just prefer a simple cushion made from the fabric they remember so well.  

Last year we had grown up children buy them for both parents who had lost a partner and their own children who had lost a grandparent.  They are a super personal and comforting gift to give anyone who has loved and lost someone close.  

We take super special care of the garments that are sent to us an all cushions are carefully and beautifully wrapped in our own tissue.  

I would advise arranging and ordering before the end of November to avoid the rush and ensure we can complete your gift in time for Christmas. 

Keepsake Memory Bears

We can also make Keepsake Bears from a lost loved ones garments and these also make fabulous gifts, especially for little ones.  We can make them out of any garment, but our 'Grandad Shirt' Bears are the most popular.  We make these either from one shirt or a patchwork of a number of shirts, but we can use most fabrics. 

Remembrance Christmas Tree Baubles

Baubles were our Number 1 best selling gift last Christmas and remembrance even outsold 'My First Christmas' which was the previous year's favourite. 

Having a little reminder of a lost loved one on your tree in the corner of the room during the festivities reminds you of wonderful Christmases with them and helps keep the memory of their warmth around you and your family.

They are a wonderful gift for parents to remind them of their parents, they are great for friends and are a super way to help children feel close to lost grandparents, parents of family members who they might be missing.  

I love decorating our tree and seeing my children putting up baubles dedicated to my beloved Granma and their Grandma Maureen and Grandad Gordon, none of whom they have ever met but who we are determined they will know about.  Every year when I wrap them carefully back in the Christmas box, I feel close to them all and look forward to seeing them the following year.



Memorial Christmas Tree Decorations

So as well as the traditional glass and ceramic baubles, we also have a collection of Christmas tree decorations and ornaments that can be personalised in the same way to remember a loved one but are a little bit different. 

Christmas Gifts to remember pets!

We have a lot of people who feel lost and sense a huge void in the family when a pet passes away.  We have loads of requests for ways to keeps a four legged friend's memory alive at Christmas and these are our best sellers!  A lovely perspex Christmas Tree Decoration and a Crystal Token, both of which can be personalised.  Great gift ideas for a friend that is missing their pet. 

Tea Light Holder

Candles are part of the Christmas tradition and there is nothing nicer than cosying down in the warmth of your candlelit home. This gorgeous personalised glass tea light holder is a beautiful gift that would be appreciated by those who want to feel the warmth and presence of a lost loved one this Christmas.  A beautiful gift idea. 


I hope we've given you some ideas to think about for anyone close to you that you usually find tricky to buy for at Christmas.  Don't forget all gifts come wrapped beautifully in our tissue, we can also gift wrap and post direct for you AND most importantly, for personalised gifts, you must order early to avoid disappointment.

And remember, they're never that far from you at all x



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