Come and sit with me awhile....

Come and sit with me awhile....

I'm constantly thinking about new keepsakes I could bring to the store and different, innovative ways to help customers relive memories.  My mind comes up with ideas all the time, some simple, some a different take on an existing product and others are more off the wall. 

One of the most inspiring and rewarding collections we have is Memorial.  To be honest the business was born out of joy and preserving keepsakes from the birth of my baby twins.  After 4 rounds of gruelling IVF and then premature babies spending 10 weeks in special care, I needed to focus on positive vibes, celebrate life and leave any thoughts of losing loved ones behind me, just to stay sane. 

Yet, once I'd launched the business, it became clear very quickly that finding ways to help remember lost loved ones and make them feel closer, was a huge part of the keepsakes that our customers wanted.  Memorial quickly became, and is still, our most popular collection and in so many ways, it is one that I am most proud of and honoured to provide for my customers.  It is such a privilege to help them feel closer to those they loved and the feedback we receive from Memorial keepsake gifts is truly touching. 

I've long thought about time to reflect as being an important part of memories but couldn't quite put my finger on the best way to offer this to customers.  Finding a selection of benches was like a light bulb moment - finally a keepsake that could be personalised with a unique inscription, placed in a location of meaning and provide the opportunity for someone to simply sit, think, remember and feel comfort. 

But they couldn't be just any benches!  Oh no!  We are in the keepsake business afterall!  I searched high and low across the UK to find a Keepsake Creator that was the perfect fit for The Lovely Keepsake Company.  With 'Make Me Something Special' I found a business owner who fitted perfectly.  He is passionate about his materials, his workmanship, the finish, the detail, but mostly he is absolutely passionate about ensuring the customer is happy with their final product.  This was exactly what I was looking for.  

With these benches you have the opportunity to be part of the production process, signing off the inscription, which I thought was hugely important.  Also, they have gone above and beyond to choose quality timber, use trusted handmade techniques and sourced premium finishes to protect the end product against the elements.  I knew we had found the perfect creator.

If I could ask my Granma to come and sit with me awhile on one of these benches, I'd ask her how she thought I was doing in life now, what she loved most about my three kids and if I should find the time to sit on my own bench and think of her, would she please give me a small sign that she was near.  On the last point, she'd probably tell me not to be silly and use her saying "just get on with it", but I can't wait for our bench to arrive so that I might indeed, sit awhile.  Sit, reflect and let my mind be lost in the memories of those I've lost and loved the most. 

I can't wait to fully launch the Keepsake Benches collection, and indeed the rest of the products hand made by Make Me Something Special.  I will love the moments we send each order out of the door, knowing just how much they will mean to our customers.  






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