Dads, we've got your back this Mother's Day with The Lovely Keepsake Company's boys on board

Every Mother's Day, our team in undated with orders but did you know we receive lot of emails from Dads wanting ideas on what to buy that is thoughtful and original too? 

Whilst we know Mum's tend to spend more and are more innovative with gift ideas for Father's Day, you may be surprised that we do get loads of questions from Dads who want to find a special gift, on behalf of their children in particular. 

Feeling the pressure, they write in wanting something different, usually personalised and a gift that will surprise their partner or wife.  Some might be desperate to find a gift that will put them in the good books or even hope their thoughtfulness might save a relationship! 

This year, we enlisted the help of both the Mums and Dads in The Lovely Keepsake team and created a list of 5 gifts that Mums would love but that Dads would also feel comfortable buying.  

This carefully selected collection of just 5 gifts, was signed off by Creative Director Jake and Operations Director Jason, to give some direction and support to fellow Dads looking for the gifts their partners will love. 

Jason Davies said: "We fellas were getting criticised for relying on flowers, chocolates and bottles of wine, even though the Mum's all admitted loving these gifts!  So Jake and I chose 5 thoughtful gifts and ran them past the Mums in the office and voila!, they were bowled over with our choices!  We Dads just need a little time and support, which is why we are promoting our chosen gifts to generate much needed brownie points for other Dads!"

The recommendations include: 

  • Personalised Cut Crystal Gin Glass
  • 10 Reasons we love you Mum/Mummy Framed Print
  • Personalised Photo 'Adventures of' Scrapbook
  • Framed Family Fingerprint Kit
  • Birthstone Necklace with Personalised Engraved Charm 

Director Helen Davies said: "How wonderful for Mums to open a gift this Mother's Day and be completely shocked at the surprise!  What started as a laugh in the studio about how lacking in inspiration blokes often were, became a challenge to Jake and Jason and ultimately a fantastic Top 5 list of really thoughtful gifts in time for Mother's Day."

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The 5 relationship saver gifts for Mother's Day can be found here: 

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