Dates for your 2018 diary!

Dates for your 2018 diary!

January is nearly over already!!  How can this be?!  

I don't know about you but I've not even bought my new family planner for the kitchen wall yet!  Our lives are being arranged by post it notes stuck all over 2017's planner which is frightening given that kids party invites, football tournaments and birthdays are coming in and up thick and fast!  *note to self - get 2018 calendar quickly!

2018 party celebration gifts

Each year, I love transferring over important dates and celebrations from the previous year's calendar.  I've always kept track of ages each year and anniversaries so that I can pre-plan milestones coming up.  For example, I know that a certain relative of mine, has an important birthday milestone in the not too distant future, but can't say who or what, as we are planning a surprise...... but it's exciting to transfer the dates and think 'hey, cool, another big celebration this year!'  

But it's not just birthdays.  With long engagements more common, all of a sudden you look at the forthcoming summer months as see as wedding coming up quickly that previously felt forever off!  All of a sudden there's so much to get ready....and that's just you never mind the bride!

Plus there's a whole host of other family related milestones that you can easily plan ahead for with the help of your year planner... graduations in the summer, your child leaving primary school, wedding anniversaries, oh, and of course not forgetting Valentines, Mother's Day and Father' Day!!

Whilst The Lovely Keepsake Company is really a non-seasonal business, with celebrations and milestones all year round, we do of course get peaks of increased business around the busy gift giving occasions and as always, this Christmas with loads of enquiries and requests for gifts at the last minute. More than ever, we were inundated with enquiries after all our deadlines had passed.  In particular for personalised gifts, it became soooo stressful trying to help everyone but tied for time!

So, my advice to myself primarily.....and to all our customers, it to firstly buy your 2018 planner (lol !!) and then study it well in advance.  Plan, prepare and purchase well in advance!  That way, you don't forget those important moments and you can remember them for years to come with well thought through keepsake gifts. 

We can help you with all of them, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and of course the national celebrations.......but get in quick!



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