Family football memories in Liverpool and how Jurgen Klopp backed me up!

I am still struggling with the fact that I am, actually, really, honestly.... married to a 50 year old.  Both Jase and I still feel like we are in our twenties as we were when we met, well apart from first thing in the morning, around 2pm after a full on morning with our 3 kids and then yes, usually we both feel knackered every evening.  But apart from that we both still feel like the spring chickens we once were. 

But last Monday, 20th July, Jason turned 50.  He'd rather ignore the fact and just stay 49.  Partly because he thinks 50 sounds old but mainly because he hates fuss and can't abide attention.  Unfortunately he's married to me!

I love fuss and I especially love birthday fuss and attention!  

After a full weekend of celebrating with various friends and family, at a social distance of course, the kids and I surprised Jason with a behind the scenes tour of the stadium.

It. Was. Epic!  We are all huge Liverpool football fans and our house is currently adorned with flags as the team have just won the Premier League for the first time and the league cup for the first time in 30 years.  In our house, this is a HUGE deal and what perfect way to celebrate Daddy's birthday in the week team are handed the cup than a trip to the stadium?!  I took so many photos to remember his weekend's celebrations that had Snapfish not got a deal on, I'd have spent £60+ on a photo book when we got home!  And yet, every penny would have been worth it.  His face, the various photos of each one of us in front of an important shirt, seat, sign, statue etc etc.  We simply couldn't get enough and I wanted to capture that infectious excitement every minute. 

For once, the family were amenable to my constant demands to take photos.  I think they were all far too pre-occupied soaking up all the memorabilia and sights to see.  Even the next day on the ferry, the walk round Albert Dock and then a quick shop in Liverpool One, they were all quite willing to stand or sit and smile at the camera.  I took total advantage and tried to capture every minute.  

We've all flicked through the photos now and loved and laughed together.  In a month or twos time we may have forgotten some moments and by the time I turn 50 in just 4 years time, no doubt we'll have forgotten many of the memories, were it not to be for the photos I've taken.  

Each time my kids or husbands laugh or lovingly sigh at a photograph, I remind them that that is exactly why I take them!  They sometimes get the point!

Until last night that was.  It was so exciting for us all to see Anfield last night for the trophy presentation and see all the areas we'd actually been in ourselves just two days before.  The touchline, the tunnel and especially the changing rooms where the boys were dancing with the champers, my boys had been taking selfies and excitedly sitting in their idol's seats!  

At the end of the presentation, the normal one, Jurgen Klopp was excitedly talking about winning four major trophies in the last 12 months and how he was definitely going to take a photograph of himself with all the silverware.   "See look Mummy!  Jurgen thinks photos are important keepsakes too!"

My job was done. 

Bless "The Normal One" for unknowingly confirming to my  children that photographs are important, keepsakes are to be cherished and that Mummy is always right!






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