Hold me close dear loved one

Dear loved one,

It was sadly my time but I left you with love.  

Our shared memories will last long and I love that you remember them with fondness. 

It gives me great comfort that you have chosen my favourite shirt to remember me by.  I love that you took great care choosing the name only you used for me to have embroidered and I especially love that you asked to keep the broken button, after you had nagged me for many months to replace it.  You always laughed when I said it was a design feature, and now I laugh that you see that design feature every day and it still niggles you.  It niggles you but you love it and it makes you smile as you remember how it annoyed you when I wore it!

It made me smile when your friend tried to encourage you to use a newer, smarter shirt for your Keepsake Cushion, instead of the one you chose with it's bobbly fabric and worn out, unravelling seams. I agree it doesn't make the smartest cushion and isn't the most attractive addition on your new, luxury bedspread, but I know you know how this was my favourite shirt and it is a truer reflection of me, more than any other.  It warms me that you and I share a love for that worn out shirt and an understanding of all that it meant to me and now to you. 

When you now hold my cushion close to your chest, wrap your arms around it, or lay your head on top of it and allow your tears to soak through its checked fabric, know that I feel you and feel the love we share.  Try not to cry my love.  I'm still close. I'm here. I'm with you. 

Our love lives on and I hope in your heart you feel my everlasting love for you.  The comfort you gain from holding my cushion in your arms brings comfort to me knowing that in some small way I can still bring you some warmth. 

Feel my love always.  

Nan xx

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