Moments & Memories with... Honest Mum aka Vicki Psarias

Moments & Memories with... Honest Mum aka Vicki Psarias

We were delighted to have an 'honest' chat about keepsakes with Vicki Psarias, an entrepreneurial, creative mum of of two who lives with husband Pete, and their two children, Oliver and Alexander in Windsor, Berkshire.  She is perhaps best known under her pseudonym 'Honest Mum' which is her hugely successful and critically acclaimed blog and the place where she share her loves in one place: her family, food, business, tech, film, beauty and style!   She is a former TV and Film Director and she set up the blog in November 2010 while on maternity leave as way to help her rediscover her voice and regain her confidence after suffering from a traumatic birth.  Blogging and vlogging soon became a full-time job taking her work from behind the camera to mostly, in front.  Vicki's blog, combined with her social channels, now has an average monthly reach of 3 million!

Her #1 bestselling book #Mumboss is her debut book is a guide to surviving and thriving at work and at home and offers insight into how to create a digital business, or return to work with greater confidence.  

Vicki recently won Inspirational Role Model of the Year at the MPower Awards as well as Best Baby and Parenting Blog for Honest Mum, at the UK Blog Awards 2019.  She also often pops up on TV as both a presenter and parenting expert (regularly appearing on BBC News and ITV) and has spoken about maternal rights and flexible working, as well as perinatal mental health in the House of Commons.

As someone who values time with her family whilst juggling a hugely successful career we were honoured Vicki spared us a few minutes of her time to sit down and answer a few questions to give us an insight into her favourite moments and memories.  We were thrilled at the honesty at her answers...but should we have been actually that surprised?  Afterall this is HonestMum we are talking to!

What is(are) your most treasured keepsake(s)?

Photos of my sons Oliver and Alexander over the years (they're now 6 and 10) and my own childhood photos, particularly those with loved ones who are no longer with us. A cutting of my beloved late Auntie Zak's hair in a ribbon that my Auntie Angelou gave me in a  small lace bag is my most treasured possession. When Zak was undergoing chemo and lost some of her hair, Angelou had cuttings made for her close relatives. 

I also have the boys' footprints on ceramics framed in their bedroom too. I still own the teddy I was given on the day I was born. One of his eyes has been sewn up but despite being 38 (which is 100 in teddy years), he's still in good shape!

What is your favourite photograph of?

I don't have one but if I'm at a push my wedding photo where I'm kissing my husband Peter. Soppy but cute. 

What is a favourite item you wished you still had/been able to keep?

More of my toys and books so my own children could enjoy them. I do have some but others were given to charity when I went to uni. I wish I'd kept more. 

If you could find a letter from someone who had passed away, who would you rather it be?

I found several recently, my first love, David, who wrote to me when he was at uni and a letter from a close family friend, Danny, a former lecturer when I'd asked his opinion on a screenplay. It's made me want to write more. Nothing beats putting pen to paper. I wish I had letters from my grandparents.

What one item would you save to pass on to future generations?

I've had a few bespoke pieces of clothes kindly made for me that are timeless and will last forever. I'd like to pass those on along with some paintings, my own and others and some family heirlooms: antiques and chaise longues my mother had reupholstered for us. 


Vicki is the founder of and her bestselling book Mumboss-How to Survive and Thrive at Work and at Home can be bought here:

You can follow Vicki on instagram @honestmum.   Vicki will also be guest presenting at the #YORKSINSTAMEET event on 6th November at Castle Howard nr York.  Hear Vicki share practical tips, advice and inspiration on surviving and thriving at work and at home.  Buy tickets here @yorksinstameet.

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