Hygge?  What's it all about?

Hygge? What's it all about?

I've loved the appeal of Hygge ever since my sister in law Kate introduced me to it last year.  I'm a Hygge kinda girl. It's ethos perfectly sums up some of my most favourite moods and time spent.  Kate owns a fabulous wool and yarn shop in Lancaster at 74 Penny Street, Northern Yarn, and she has been introducing her customers to the world of Hygge for some time.  When I looked into it further, it seemed Hygge time is the perfect time to reflect, remember and enjoy keepsakes and when I looked at our gift collections, it seemed we already sold many gifts that would help create that perfect Hygge moment!  And so I'm really excited to launch this new Hygge collection. 

Hygge keepsake gifts

So what is it?  Hygge (pronounced HooGeh) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.  It means time out, cherishing oneself, getting comfy with your surroundings and thoughts.  Let all emotions flow as you relax in comfort. 

There is a wonderful website www.hyggehouse.com that gives more of an insight and you can follow on insta www.instagram.com/thealexthegirl/

We will continue to keep sourcing new ideas for our Hygge Keepsake collection but check it out now and see if there is anything you fancy to help create those special cosy moments to enjoy your memories xx


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