In Loving Memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

We are proud to launch our small collection of elegant keepsakes to remember Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  We all feel that we have lost something with the passing of Her Majesty and we hope that these specially designed keepsakes, that can be enjoyed for generations to come, will bring a little comfort to you and yours at this time.
As a little girl I used to stare into my Grandma’s glass fronted cabinet in her front room and look at all the souvenirs from royal events passed, both celebratory and memorial.  It was a reminder of her love for her royal keepsakes that encouraged me to launch these products for you to mark and remember the impressive reign of our Queen. 
There will be those who question our releasing these commemorative products at such a sensitive time for the UK public, but having thought long and hard about whether to or not, I’ve decided that it is important that we all feel we have a way of remembering not only the Queen herself, but the overwhelming response to her amazing life and sad death from all around the world.  This a very rare, perhaps once in a lifetime, global coming together to remember one person. 
I’ve also considered that for most historic events or royal occasions there is a desire from customers to have a keepsake to mark the event and that, after all, we are in the Keepsake business and we thought these gifts were particular befitting of this touching occasion. 
There are few times in life that cause you to stop and think about the world around you and what has been there influencing you, but that you realise the enormity of its importance until it's gone.  I think our Queen has been one of those for many people this week, all over the world.  
Some question the role, the rights of and the future of the Monarchy and we are all entitled to free speech and opinion.  What is clear in this debate is that, in our world where we have the choice about who we elevate and endear, who we adore and who we allow to influence our kids, who earn and spend the most money whilst we pay towards their flaunting of luxuries, more often than not we lose the priceless qualities that underpin the Monarchy and are reflected in our Royal Family. 
Duty, kindness, respect, formality, decorum, manners, morals, class, decency and I could go on.  There are of course, those who fail in this area and their shameful stories are well documented, BUT, on the whole, the Royal Family have been far better role models than some of those we seem to put on a pedestal by choice.  Is celebrity really better than royalty?
As a nation and a world, we have all been dealt a hand with our constitution from our predecessors, like it or not.  Some positive elements, some wholly demonstrable and negative in this day and age.  Change should and will come, but suggesting we tear apart the entire monarchy, will itself, tear apart one of the key strengths, differentials and rudders of our nation that guides us through this world today. 
We are different, we are unique, we are envied. 
The Royal Family is a historic institution, whose failings make up for a rich story over centuries and whose future is being lived out each day around us.  The last 70 years I would suggest that there is far more positive to reflect back on than not. Indeed is the alternative not just frightening?  
The Queen held us all together and retained stability.  There are those who question her and the role of the family, but the overwhelming reaction and response this week all over the world, even before the State Funeral, is by far the biggest and most accurate reflection of the importance of her role, and that of the Royal Family, in political, commercial, diplomatic and not least, comforting terms. 
We hope you find something in our Queen Elizabeth II keepsake collection that brings you comfort. 
Helen x
Please Note: 

As a mark of respect on the day of the State Funeral, we will be closing our business on Monday 19th September to give our team a time of reflection and to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II. 

Whilst we will be pausing production and delivery, you may still order on our websites. The studio will open again at 8am, Tuesday 20th September and we will of course endeavour to catch up and create your keepsakes in our usual speedy manner. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

We send our condolences to King Charles III and the Royal Family, who have shown both impressive duty and real humility these last few days. We hope fond memories of Her Majesty, and the love for her shown from around the world, bring them all a little comfort. 

Rest in peace Ma’am.
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