Introducing Meg!

Introducing Meg!


Tell us a bit about yourself Meg......


I'm 14 and I live in Hornsea, north Humberside. I have two gorgeous dogs, Freddie and Ruby and a slightly less gorgeous, slighty more annoying brother called Ben. I love all things creative and aspire to be an illustrator. Both myself and my brother have been dancing for 5 years. I go to Hornsea School and Language College and am spending this week on work experience at The Lovely Keepsake Company

What sort of items do you keep in your keepsake box?

In my keepsake box I keep a letter from my Spanish exchange student, my first watch and a Christmas present from my first boyfriend.

What’s your most treasured possession?

My first, and favourite, teddy bear. An elephant called Lottie who’s nose I chewed to pieces.

What’s your favourite product on the TLKC website?

I love the baby-gro bears! They’re so unique and something that both mother and child can treasure forever.

Who’s keepsake box do you want to see inside most?

I would have to say the queen’s, after all she has lived through 90 years of history. I imagine she has some fantastic memories and stories to share.

What’s your favourite thing about TLKC?

The way customers gifts and keepsakes are wrapped adds such a personal touch you can’t find anywhere else. Every purchase from TLKC has a story behind it and Helen and the team treat each and every one with care and respect. TLKC handles all business with grace and sentiment and I like that.



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