Kid's Sporting Keepsakes

We may still be enjoying the Euros with the headlines all about the home nations football teams, but for some grass roots teams their football season has come to a close. 
Yesterday was exactly three years to the day that my youngest Little Blue played in his first match for this team Hessle Rangers Aces Under 6s.  Three years later he played his last league match with them.  Six of the boys have been signed by club academies and so whilst this is terrifically exciting for them, it is also tinged with sadness that the Aces is coming to an end.  After 3 wonderful years, including a full season training via Zoom, and going unbeaten in this last season, the team will disband after two final tournaments in forthcoming weeks. 
We took photographs yesterday of all the boys to do throwbacks and I couldn't believe how much Little Blue had grown - he was literally a baby! 
The joy of grass roots team, indeed any team sport for kids, is the friendships they make.  Of the eight boys, they go to 5 primary schools, yet all will meet up in the same year, in the same secondary school, in just 4 years time.  They've also made great relationships with other players in other teams that they have met and played time and again, who will also either be going to the academies, joining other grass roots team, or attending the same senior school. 
Sharing experiences, the joy of winning, the pain of losing but enjoying the adventures together has been a terrific time and three years they'll never forget.
Looking back on the photos three years on has been amazing so already I really can't wait to open his Aces keepsake box in 10 and 20 years time and revisit all his medals, programmes and of course the photographs!
Don't forget to save your kids sporting memorabilia as you'll never realise just how precious those times were until you stumble across them in the future.  Such keepsakes are wonderful at stirring up magical memories of special times. 
Here is our personalised wooden keepsake box.  You can personalise with any details - you can see this one has been made for a grass roots football player.  It is lightweight but sturdy.  
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