Lovely David Beckham proves he's the Keepsake King

Lovely David Beckham proves he's the Keepsake King

Could he be any more fabulous?

I can't begin to list all the amazing achievements on and off the field, personally and professionally, in this country or around the world.... the list would fill the blog.  Nor is it worth talking about his amazing good looks or impeccable dress sense (he's like a fine wine right?) because that would lead me completely off tangent.  BUT...

Love him or loathe him, to the TLKC team David Beckham can't put a foot wrong AND it seems he's now become the perfect pin up for our company!

An article in the Daily Mail, reports that on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, David revealed he kept a souvenir from his first meeting with his wife, as he still has the train ticket stub on which Victoria wrote down her number for him! 

He's the Keepsake King!

How gorgeous is that?!  23 years later, he still has her first gift to him, the first exchange of love and the one, seemingly innocent and insignificant ticket, that would trigger half a lifetime together!  Amazing. 

My own husband Jason would agree that this was lovely, but he does also 'tut' when I scurry my own little seemingly insignificant keepsakes all the time.  He tends to keep more meaningful keepsakes, larger more obvious items that you perhaps 'should' keep and whilst he does love to see little things I find and revisit years later, that doesn't stop him tutting at the time of me keeping it!

I have loads of them.  Receipts, tickets, letters, cards, crappy notes and yes, I still have the Haribo ring that he proposed to me with.  

I have a scrap of wrapping paper that says 'Very Proud of you Helen' that I ripped from a bunch of tulips my Mum gave me when my book was published.  I still have a single needle from my IVF drug days in my toiletry bag to remind me how big it was and how lucky I am.  I still drink from a mug my Grandma had in her house I still wear leather gloves she bought me as a gift.  I have the train ticket from travelling into Preston on my 18th birthday which ended up being the very first night I'd been asked for ID in a club!  I have a cork with a £1 coin in it my ex-boyfriend's brother gave me on my 21st telling me it would always bring me luck (didn't bring the ex-boyfriend much!)  I have the gift card from the flowers Jason sent to my Mum's house on the morning of our wedding.  I have the very first flower Xavi picked for me, now all dried but nevertheless in a vase on the kitchen window sill......and the list goes on. 

Some more significant than others, some may mean something more to other people but they all mean a huge amount to me and all for different reasons.  The main point is I enjoy them.  They are reminders that aren't just memories in my mind, they are tangible, I can hold them, feel them and trigger feelings and emotions of times gone past. 

They make me feel lucky, or they make me feel loved.  They make me feel appreciative and grateful and sometimes some make me feel sad.  But all are unique and special.

In a world where materialism of too often celebrated sometimes it's the less obvious and under appreciated objects around us that eventually have most meaning.  The flowers Jason sent to me on our wedding day were fabulous and hugely impressive but it's the handwritten card that had the most meaning and still means so much. 

David and Victoria could probably afford to buy the train line with all the success and wealth they have amassed during the past 23 years and yet I doubt that there is much in life that they could buy that would ever be treasured quite as much as that train ticket with her number on it. 

So David I know you're busy right now with your new Inter Miami footy club, your Haig Whisky, fabulous DB sunglasses etc etc etc BUT if you do get a spare half hour and want to model our equally fabulous Keepsake Boxes for such treasures as your train ticket, just drop us a line.

We'll even pay for your train ticket!

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