One of a kind

One of a kind

So this week we said goodbye to a great man.  He was a dear friend, former boss but mostly he was an inspiration.  It was with huge sadness that we learned of his sudden and surprise passing at just 72, as he was always the life and soul of any party.  In fact as his daughter so eloquently put it in his eulogy, he often brought the life to the party!

As sad I have been this week, I was overwhelmed with greater sadness wondering if he really know how influential he had been in my life and if he realised just how much I loved and admired him.  He was always around somewhere, popping up here and there as months passed and as far as anyone would think day to day, he always would be.

But life's not like that and I have a huge regret that I didn't reach out to him in recent times.  Don't get me wrong, he wasn't short of love or respect shown to him from family and friends.  Such was his influence, impact and integrity, almost 1000 people filled Beverley Minster to pay their respects and say goodbye.  Yet I wonder how many of them, were like me, wishing they had perhaps had one last chance to tell him or show him, what he meant or the influence he had had on them?

Life is a funny old thing.  You take so much for granted and hindsight is sometimes a horrible thing.  

What I do know is that since his memorial service, I have flung my arms round loved ones, friends, former colleagues and current contacts and told them how much they mean to me.  

This man was possibly the biggest positive senior male influence on my life.  I know I would never have had the courage to start this business, knowledge of how to run this business or empathy to speak to my customers and suppliers the way that I do, had I not had the great fortune to meet him and work with him.  I just wish I had told him but I hope he knew a small part of my gratitude and love for him. 

One of the most cherished collections we have at The Lovely Keepsake Company is our Memorial collection of gifts.  The feedback of how important it is to have something tangible to remember a loved one is hugely rewarding and selling these items alone makes this business worthwhile at times.  Sometimes, all you have are memories and keepsakes and as special as they are, you'd still give everything for one last chat.   

Rest easy sweet man and thank you.  I loved you. 

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