School's Almost Out!

School's Almost Out!

I can hardly believe that I am preparing for the twins to start school this September but that will also mean that Zac will be starting Year 5!  I remember saying he'd be in Year 5 when they started school when the babies were born, and now that time will soon be upon us!

It also means that we are gearing up for the end of this school year with the summer holidays now on a weekly countdown.  I'm sure there are many Mummies and Daddies (or Mums and Dads as you are probably now having to be called) all starting to get a little bit anxious as Year 6 finishes, those primary school years end and the exciting adventure of high school begins in September. 

However many in a class, and no matter how many stay together moving to the same secondary school, it's never the same is it?

There's new friends, new group dynamics and new interests that draw them apart. 

What they will always have however is the memories of those seven years they spent together at their first school.  They've stuck it out together, made friends, broken friends, remade friends, learned a lot, laughed even more and most of all grown up as a group of young kids that will always share those memories of their early school years. 

I still have a great affection for my primary school pals and as I went to a very small village school, I could probably name them all too!  I think there was only about 12 of us!  But I expect I'm not the norm!

So how can we help keep our kids precious memories alive?  How can we help them stimulate those memories of school mates in years to come?

Our School Uniform Keepsake Bears are really popular and a cool way to 'dispose' of those unwanted uniform items (have you seen the state of some of them by the end of term!?) Every bear is different and we can use any item of school clothing, even a tie, and the more logos or embroidered patches and different colours or textures as possible the better.  We can also do calico panels so that the class can sign your kid's bear which is a super cool way to remember their pals.

Orders are starting to come through thick and fast to get them in time for school break.

We are also starting to get orders through for the School Leaver Fingerprint Trees. These are really popular as they are fun to create and the kids can place their own prints and signatures on each others' trees which can then be framed for them to keep.  

They are really unusual and each one can be personalised for your child. We even have a range of trees or other graphics for them to choose from!

Too often we let life's events and milestones pass us by without grasping the moment and creating keepsakes that we can look on in future years and bring all those vivid memories flooding back.  It's great to enjoy yesterday everyday with thoughtful keepsakes and for the kids, it's even greater to leave school and look forward to tomorrow and all the adventures it will bring!

Good luck to you all Year 6 graduates mwah xx

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