School's really out for good this month!

School's really out for good this month!

We really feel for all the Year 6 and Year 11 students who've had a real stop start end to their education journey at either Primary or Secondary School.  

It's not just the screw up with exams and any disruption to their results and consequential self esteem, no less careers.  It's about more than that, much more. 

Working hard for 12 or 24 months towards final exams and end of term is a crescendo of emotion that once it's all over, bursts forth in fun, laughter, friendships forged, huge relief and moreover excitement for the next challenge and chapter. 

It's about feeling you're on your way, shaking off a chapter of your life and looking forward to the next.  It might be leaving friends or getting closer to friends who will share that next chapter with you. 

And for us, of course, our main focus is on all the memories and keepsakes that kids these days love to keep hold of and treasure. 

Signed shirts, messages in scrapbooks and autograph books, gifts for teachers they'll really miss, sharing anthems in assembly, a school trip, an end of term concert and of course, just hanging round on the last day hugging, laughing and excitedly taking our time to walk off the school grounds for the last time. 

School Leavers in 2020 sadly have had no crescendo.  They've had a drip drip drip last two terms.  No exams. No certain end date. No prom.  No way of getting shirts signed with social distancing unless they had forethought on the last day before lockdown....but it's not the same. 

And yet, it can be. 

We have 2 weeks until the actual end of term. Forget this blip kid!!  Don't dwell on the past few weeks parents!

Most Year 6 and Year 11 pupils are back in school for the last few weeks and we are determined that their end of term experience should be better, if not greater, than any other school year before them!

We have had all hands on deck here creating brand new, extra special keepsake ideas to help them cherish their last few days together for years to come. 

We have School Leaver Uniform Bears, Word Art with friends names, Jewellery with personalised boxes, Scrapbooks, Memory Boxes, gifts for new adventures, gifts for teachers (including virtual Lockdown teachers) and gifts for teachers to give to their pupils.

We are super proud of our School Leaver Collection for 2020 more than any other year, just as we are super proud of all our 2020 School Leavers.

Spread your wings and fly.  With all good wishes in your future adventures. 

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