Love and Memories for the Bride To Be

Love and Memories for the Bride To Be

So as the countdown to the big day continues, close friends, sisters and often colleagues of the bride to be are all clucking round their hen and arranging a good send off for her.  Hen Do, Hen Night or Bridal Shower, they'll be planning at least one, if not all!

I'm not actually sure why, but I organised my own hen do, well in fact I had 4 really.  My main one was to Dublin, I had a works night out with the Marketing department girls at Chiquitos, I had a 'steady' night out with my Mum, Aunties, Granma, Bridesmaids and then had a meal out the night before the wedding with my Mum, Granma and Bridesmaids.  All in all, I was well and truly 'sent off' in style!

I love love loved my 'bride to be' days.  Of course the wedding day is amazing, but my advice to any girl would be to soak up and enjoy the weeks and days in the run up to the big day. Sure, there'll be last minute stresses, I had many minor ones and one major one!  Yet, I loved the focus and fuss in being the 'Bride to be'. 

My hen parties, especially the trip to Dublin, were such a fabulous laugh.  A great time spent with my favourite girlies, where we almost had a 'pass' to be silly, flirty and downright irresponsible ..... well it's a hen do Officer!!

I'm in love with these new Hen Party keepsakes now in store.  There is usually a whip round for a gift at a Hen Do and these two in particular will be perfect presents.  Every Hen is sure to want a photo of all her hens together, celebrating her future happiness so what better than a beautiful frame to give her after the event.  

There's also a matching message book where the hens can express good wishes, love, thanks and dreams for the bride.  I still have the messages my hens wrote to me in Dublin, where obviously some where still half cut when they wrote them lol!

We're celebrating our 15th Anniversary next month. Over those 15 years, much has happened to me and all my hens.  Lives have changed but the love and great memories still live on.

When I look at the photos and read their lovely messages, I remember those crazy days and nights as if they were yesterday.....though at 44 I'm now not sure I'd be quite so happy doing 'penis hoopla' in a busy bar!  Oh how life has changed!!  

Love you hens! xx Mwah x




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