The launch of our commemorative memorial baubles to help families open up about miscarriages

We have designed a small range of memorial baubles to commemorate miscarriages and help families feel comfortable about opening up about baby loss.

A glass bauble, which has soft blue and pink feathers inside also has tiny baby feet and the words ‘You are my favourite what if’, whilst the acrylic heart shaped bauble also has blue and pink feathers but features the words ‘Your heart only beat under mine’.

The two baubles are available from our website from this Saturday 9th October, which is the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021. The high profile awareness week is marked annually to remember the lives of babies lost in pregnancy or soon after birth.

Helen Davies, our Director, who herself lost a pregnancy, said: “We sell a huge number of angel baby keepsakes but were recently asked by a customer for one particularly to help her over a miscarriage. Her loss was in the earlier weeks when she didn’t know the gender of her baby.  We realised this was such an important experience that needed to be remembered and carefully dealt with and so adapted some of our memorial designs specifically to help families who had lost a pregnancy.

“Thankfully baby loss, indeed miscarriage, is being talked about more and more but there is still such a long way to go to help women come to terms with what they have been through and for them to feel it’s OK to talk about it, to remember their baby or pregnancy and to feel comfortable with their grief.  It’s not just the loss of a baby, it’s a grief for all the plans they made, the dreams that won’t now come true and the forever what ifs that they have to live with.

Helen added:  “I sincerely hope that in some small way, putting one of these baubles on their tree each year helps those parents feel closer to their loss and to feel comfortable knowing friends and families may see it too.”

This year’s Baby Loss Awareness Week theme is ‘wellbeing’.  Throughout the week people will be invited to share their stories and what did or didn’t help them cope. 

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