To light or not to light - Our new Memorial Candle Keepsakes

To light or not to light - Our new Memorial Candle Keepsakes

I love candles.  I honestly really really do.  I can't imagine not lighting candles on an evening in my home.  It's not something I've always done, in fact, I may have had candles but years ago, I'm pretty sure they were just for show and gathered dust waiting to be lit.  These days, every evening whilst cooking dinner, either myself or Jason walk round and light all our candles in the open living space.  I love the glow, the warmth they give and some have beautiful scents.  Sometimes they have been a gift, but mostly they are ones I've bought because of a pretty jar or favourite smell, so none really with any sentimental meaning. 

Which is the reason why, for so long, I haven't included candles in any of the keepsake collections.  I always argued that candles should be for burning, for enjoying and were designed not to be kept but to be used...and therefore lost forever.  Not exactly a 'keepsake'.

But, having recently uncovered a candle that my Mum bought for my wedding, (15 years ago) I guess that has answered the question!  They could be keepsakes if not lit!  And, there may be people who might like to store them away in a keepsake box simply enjoying the thought that someone thought about them well enough to buy it for them, each time they open and enjoy the box.  Or, it may well be that if indeed the candle was lit and enjoyed, that enjoyment watching the dancing flame and feeling the warm aura around the room, will in fact help bring back memories of a lost loved one which are always perfect keepsakes. 

And so, without any reluctance, (well perhaps for leaving it for so long!) I'm excited to launch these lovely Memorial Keepsake Candles.  We initially have three designs for you to choose from. I think they would make really lovely gifts to give to someone who has lost a loved one.  

So, whether you want to put them in your keepsake box or light them and enjoy the memories watching the warm glow, we hope you find comfort in these brand new keepsakes.  

Find them in our Memorial collection or search Candles

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