To those in whom we trust our treasures...that's right, Teachers!

To those in whom we trust our treasures...that's right, Teachers!

So for most schools there's just over a week to the end of term and summer holidays.  A time for awards evenings, annual school productions and of course the dreaded moving up day! 

I don't know how you are coping but I'm still trying to get used to the idea that my 'babies' will have almost finished one year at school and will soon be too old for the Reception class, never mind that my first baby will soon be starting Year 6!  How has this happened!  I'm also not good with change.  I like the classrooms the kids are in, I like the playgrounds they play in at break and I like the teachers to whom I had over my little darlings each morning.  I don't want these days to end, the classrooms to change and especially new teachers!

Don't get me wrong,  all the teachers are lovely, but I like what I know, know what I like.  I also know that I like, and indeed love, their current teaching teams!!  

With my little girl especially, having her peeled off me each morning was initially heart breaking.  We used to celebrate as a family when she didn't kick the teacher as they dragged her into the cloakroom.  How I remember the cheeky looks to the Teaching Assistant that pleaded with her to come closer to the door and distract my daughter, which she often so naturally did, to help coax her into the classroom.

All the kids would come out of school telling me tales of gossip and drama from the day's events.  They'd regale new facts they'd learnt, new challenges they'd overcome and new friends they'd enjoyed time with. 

I had concerns ironed out, achievements celebrated, difficulties overcome, injuries cared for and all by people I had come to rely on, trust and to whom my children loved and respected. 

At 8.55am, when I'm exhausted after nearly 2 hours getting us all out of the door and happily hand over my little poppets to their teacher, I do so without worry, anxiety or even a thought that I should have anything to worry about.  When you stop and think about it, that is bloody amazing.  What a huge thing to do!!  To hand your child over to someone who's not related to you, who you haven't screened and chosen and to whom the children will spend more of their waking day with than you!

That's why Thank You Teacher gifts are carefully thought through and chosen.  That's why they deserve them so much.  That's why we have carefully chosen our collection to ensure our customers find what they are looking for and that their Teachers will love. 

Teachers Gifts

It's not a job I could do, but I salute those who do.  Thank you Teachers for all that you have done this year x





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