What's in a memory cushion?

What's in a memory cushion?

Well not literally, (though I can actually tell you it's a feather pad!) but more what is it that is so special about our Memory Cushions?

This is one of our most popular gifts in the store and I can totally understand why.  

We received some feedback from a customer today, who sadly lost her father a few weeks ago, who was a beloved 'Papa' to her two daughters Olivia and Emilia.  Last night, when she received her new cushion made from one of Papa's shirts, one of the girls ran off to put it in her bed and started cuddling it.  It made her Mummy's day and in her own words: "brought a bit of happiness at such a sad time."


There is something about the cushions being tactile, that you can hold them as your mind is filled with memories.  The comfort from holding something, warm, soft and squishy as well as the visible memories brought from such a familiar garment.

We have made them from shirts, jumpers, polo shirts, Tshirts and even a nightie which was the most gorgeous commission for a lady missing her Mum.  We've even had a request today whether we can make one from ties!  Of course we can!

When your head and heart are full of memories but your arms ache to hold your loved one again, our Memory Cushions bring comfort and they are just one of the reasons each day why I love this wonderful, never mind lovely, keepsake company! 

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