What's so different about The Lovely Keepsake Company?

There are loads of high street shops you can walk into and buy gifts and there is a huge number of online gift stores, with more and more popping up everyday.  So many places tempting you with ideas for presents.

Anyone can sell you personalised gifts but not everyone understands keepsakes and the reason you are buying that gift. 

We do.

From the get go when we conceived the idea for The Lovely Keepsake Company, our founder Helen understood that there was a reason, a story and an emotion behind every purchase in our store.  She knew that no matter what was being bought from us, we had to handle all elements very carefully and sensitively.  Customers of TLKC don't just want 'a gift'.  Our customers want something to keep, to remember, to remind them of a person, place, milestone or celebration.  

We don't simply put names on products.  We choose our products carefully to start with.  You don't just find any gifts at our store.  We carefully consider:  what will stand the test of time, what will they want to keep hold of, what will they really love? 

We think about both the recipient and the person choosing the gift.  We understand that there is thought, meaning and sensitivity behind why a keepsake gift is chosen.  Someone wants to say "I'm here for you" "I care about you" "I'm thinking of you" "I'm sorry to hear your news" "I'm so happy for you" "I want you to know how proud I am of you" or simply "I love you"....so so many emotions and drivers behind our keepsake gifts, we make sure we have chosen gifts that enable our customers to express their feelings. 

We know from our customer feedback that we choose the items well as they are so well received by the recipient.  We know our keepsake gifts hit the mark, that they are appreciated, cherished and loved for years to come.  We don't choose gifts that are easily cast aside, can be discarded or easily forgotten about.  We love that the recipients love their keepsakes!  It makes our day and is one of the reasons our customers keep coming back.  We love that we are able to offer customers various ways to make a personal touch with a personalisation, gift box or dedication. 

Whether it's a celebration, a milestone, a fresh start or a departed loved one, we 100% understand that there is huge feeling behind any gift that is chosen as a keepsake. 

Not every store prides itself on being in tune with its customers and their loved ones as much as we are, which is why we are proud of The Lovely Keepsake Company for being a unique keepsake gift buying experience.  

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