Why is Christmas a focal point for keepsakes?

Why is Christmas a focal point for keepsakes?

Traditionally Christmas is a time for celebration, family time and latterly gift giving.  It's also down time, a time for reflection and I think it's a combination of all of the above that makes Christmas a time more than any other time of year, when we mostly miss and want reminding of lost loved ones. 

I still put the crystal candle sticks my Granma bought us as a wedding gift out for Christmas dinner - it's the only time I get them out all year! 

I love to see my kids put out memorial baubles on the tree that are personalised to remember their grandparents and great Granma. 

I especially love to get out all the gorgeous (and sometimes quite frankly, poor quality) home made decorations that the kids have made over the years all round the house. 

Perhaps it's at times when we are all together, with minds and brains free from work schedules and deadlines, that we can reflect and miss those who have previously sat round with us, but are now no longer with us.  

It's true to say that in years gone by we will no doubt have gone out of our way to spend extra time with our most cherished friends and family during the Christmas break, and so now, when we continue to be merry with those most close to us, there is bound to be an obvious void created by those who are no longer around.

One thing I have learnt is that not only should we never forget, but we should actively remember those who have lost.  We should acknowledge their grief, pain and anxiety at the impending Christmas festivities.  We need to mention the names of those who are missing, celebrate what we had with them, their existence, the memories, the love we still and will always have for them. 

I think it is this that is the main reason why our Memorial Cushions and Baubles are so so popular each Christmas.  We sell all these items all year round, but having a little keepsake dedicated to a loved one in our home, are especially popular in November and December.  

If you know someone who is missing a loved one, or who cherishes a moment in time and would appreciate the opportunity to celebrate and commemorate with a keepsake this Christmas, we have a huge collection to give you some ideas. 

If you are someone who will be missing a loved one, don't be afraid to admit it, don't feel silly acknowledging how much you miss them, and always remember to surround yourself with friends, family or items that will help keep those memories alive.  

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year but it can also be painful and torturous for some.  Enjoy all those yesterdays, do what you can to stimulate the memories and surround yourself in the love you will always feel xx



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