Will he reeeeaally like that gift?!  Questions to ask before buying a Father's Day gift!

Will he reeeeaally like that gift?! Questions to ask before buying a Father's Day gift!

So for the first time in my life, these days I actually like Father's Day.  I didn't have a great relationship with my own Dad and now he's no longer with us.  When I was younger and Father's Day came around each year, surprisingly I didn't ever really get upset, that day was no different to any other day I didn't have a loving Dad around, but I did used to think at least I was saving money on a card and didn't have the hassle of looking for a gift!

These days I have 3 kids of my own, blessed with the most amazing Daddy. It was actually one of the first things that started to make me look at Jason differently when I realised my (future) kids would be lucky to have him as a Dad.  Our eldest is 11 and the twins are now 6, so they are all fully engaged in both Father's and Mother's Day.  

Mother's Day is a huge cop out though in my opinion.  I love flowers and I guess loads of other Mummies love chocolate, wine and perfume.....but ooohhhh how boring!  From replenishing a half empty bottle of your usual scent that you've worn forever to thrusting some extortionate bunch of flowers bought last minute from Tesco in your arms there are so many lame - and yet well received - gifts that Dads get away with giving for Mother's Day.  It's just the way it is. 

Father's Day is a whole different story.

Since having children myself and launching The Lovely Keepsake Company, I'm amazed and excited at all the innovative and imaginative gifts available for Dads to tell them how much they are loved for Father's Day.

Behind Memorial and Christmas, Father's Day is our next busiest time of year.  We women are waaaaay more thoughtful and imaginative when it comes to gift sourcing that the fellas are.  We've found that personalisation is hugely popular around Father's Day. Our Keepsake Creators are extremely busy right now, which goes to show just how much the Mummies love to find personal gifts for their partners for Father's Day.

There is so so much on offer but I'm really careful in what we put in our collection.  It's easy to get distracted by cool photography and gifts that may make you gasp they are so unusual.  But I learnt very quickly when buying gifts for Jason that I very much need to give each gift idea the 'Will he reeaally like that though?' question.  Whilst blokes will appreciate the personalised, cutey gifts on Father's Day, they don't tend to keep sentimental gifts like women do. 

Women tend to be magpies for anything that displays or represents emotion or affection, especially associated with their children.  Men are more practical.  It's how we are both made.

So our gifts, whilst they do demonstrate love, emotion and the special relationship, we have carefully selected gifts that we think they might actually use, display or cherish. 

By far our most popular keepsake gift for Father's Day in 2019 is the wooden 'Activities with Daddy' Dice.  In fact I actually arranged one of these for my three kids to give to Daddy this year.  Why?  Because it's personal, they helped create it and I know they will use it!  Above all I know Jase will love it. 


Another popular gift this year is our range of wooden stars with various messages.  This one here is one of the best sellers.  I bought one of these designs last year for Jason from the kids.  It said "A DaddyPappa (what they call him lol!) is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love"  Jason absolutely loved it and it sits on the shelf above his side of the bed.  Yes it's sentimental and no, it's not as useful as a personalised screwdriver, but it is super stylish, has a gorgeous emotional message and therefore it is something a bloke wouldn't mind adding to a home's decor.  It's not too girl, it's cool.  It's a powerful reminder each day of how much his kids love him too!



This image makes this gift actually look large but it is in actual fact quite small 7.5cm square. Another simple statement but powerful emotion for and Daddy to receive.  The reason we love this product in our collection is once again, it's something a bloke wouldn't buy for himself, it demonstrates the love perfectly with the message, but it is a good size, shape and material (crystal) that means a Daddy can keep it on his desk at home or work, or keep it at home with his personal items.  We have a number of different styles, designs and messages on a range of tokens in our store.  This Daddy one is really popular again this year. 

Men do tend to be more difficult to buy for which is why we have included a whole range of gifts to suit all wallets and personality types.  From a journal at £.50 and vinyl record keepsake tin for £10.99 to a football keepsake bear at £64.99 and solid wood watch keepsake box or hand drawn illustration of their favourite haunt both £45.00 we really think and hope we have it all covered.  

So key questions I recommend you ask yourself when choosing the right pressie for Dad this Father's Day:

Does it reflect his relationship with the kids/my relationship with him?

Is it unusual/innovative enough that it will delight him?

Can I afford it? (no point using your own money if you can't really afford it!)

Would I want to see that in my house forever more?

and finally - will he really like it?  Really?  It's one thing opening the paper and giving a big "WOW, thanks guys" with a big smile in front of the kids but it's another seeing him glance at it a week later and give a small smile to himself.  Will he really, really like it enough to cherish it?

I hope you find something you and your Dad will love.  Happy Father's Day 2019. 


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