Fertility Gifts

When someone is struggling with Fertility it can be a very lonely time, but whatever the outcome it is also a time of their life that they would never forget.  

This collection has been drawn together to both give hope and a smile to the face of anyone struggling, and also a way for those friends and family around them to show their support when it's hard to find the words.  

We have gifts that raise spirits and drive positive attitudes and we also have those that stick two fingers up at fertility and will hopefully raise a smile to anyone stuck in that situation. 

We are delighted to work in partnership with The Fertility Foundation.  The Lovely Keepsake Company will give £1 to the foundation charity for every gift purchased in this collection.  

The Fertility Foundation is a UK charity which aims to provide support and help to individuals and couples with advice, information and ultimately, practical assistance in accessing fertility treatment.  Our team is proud to support this charity, especially for the financial support offered for fertility treatment, in fact our founder Helen had 4 rounds of self-funded IVF so feels extremely passionate about both the collection we have, but also the link to The Fertility Foundation. 

If you want to find out more about the charity, please visit https://fertilityfoundation.org/

We hope you find something you are looking for and that your rainbow will soon find you x.