Memorial Baubles

“There’s something uniquely comforting about remembering a lost loved one with a personalised bauble on a Christmas tree that is ever present in the corner of the room during the festivities.  It’s a time when friends and family come together and our keepsake baubles are special way to help those left behind feel their presence and can of course be brought out every year.

"We have a number of memorial bauble designs that can be personalised and they are our best selling range in November and December.  Whoever you want to remember and feel close to, even a family pet, we can help our customers feel tremendous comfort and that’s means the world to our team."

“When my own children placed baubles on our tree last year dedicated to my beloved Granma and both my husband’s parents, it was a really touching moment to give them a connection to people who meant so much to us, but that sadly they had never met. It’s nice to hear the stories behind each one of the keepsakes we sell.”