About The Lovely Keepsake Company

The Lovely Keepsake Company is devoted to helping you preserve and enjoy magical moments and memories all through life.   

We are THE place to come if you want a special way to remember a significant event, occasion, place or indeed person in your life.

We now have a comprehensive range of gifts to help our customers enjoy their memories from every event from the birth of a baby to remembering a lost loved one, and every important event and milestone in between.

We established our company on the back of three significant family events that made us realise how precious time is together and how easy it is to forget, as life flies by.  

Our baby twins were born prematurely at just 29 weeks and as they progressed, the Neo-natal team gave us tiny keepsakes such as oxygen masks and vests but we had nothing special to put them in.  Our young son left nursery with piles of precious paintings that we stuffed in the back of a cupboard, not wanting to throw them away but we realised we weren't looking after them or enjoying them either. And finally, after a friend was diagnosed with a life limiting illness, our family understood that we should treasure each moment and enjoy every memory to the fullest.

And the other thing we realised is that we are not alone!  The more we talked about wanting to find ways to look after keepsakes and have memories on display around us, the more we heard friends and family say they felt the same.  And the more we found ways to look after our family 'treasures' the more we smiled and felt cheered by doing so.

And so, The Lovely Keepsake Company was born out of a sincere understanding of the important role friends, family and occasions play in our lives and a creative and innovative approach to cherishing great times together.  From the birth of a baby, milestone events all through life and ultimately to the passing of a loved one, our mission is to find new and fabulous ways to remind you and bring a smile to your faces with our lovely products.

Some of our items are sourced, some are designed by ourselves and some are hand crafted and have been carefully selected from a team of talented artists, seamstresses and craftsmen that we think our customers will love. Many of our keepsakes can be personalised too.

We hope you find something lovely to help you savour a special moment or memory.  If you have any ideas you think we should investigate for other customers please do let us know at enquiries@thelovelykeepsakecompany.co.uk.


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