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Embroidery by Gee, came about by accident really. Ive always had acreative mind having studied for a BA in fashion design in Northumbria, which led me onto an MA in knitwear at Central Saint Martins in London. From there I became a self employed knitwear swatch designer working from home and allowing my creativity to blossom. Ive always loved personalized items, and having something unique and extra special just for you I believe is the ultimate, so , I decided to try and create personalised artwork with a difference. Either recreating a treasured piece of writing, a special photograph, or a personalised hobby through freehand machine embroidery, ultimately creating the essence of that subject. I really hope you like what I create and understand that with a creative mind anything is possible

Favourite Keepsake

Ooh I have numerous really, I tend to keep most things that have created a special memory or experience, and I love looking back on such things every so often, they make me smile, so I cant quite whittle it down to one, but among my favourite things are the framed photographs that adorn our family home. Of our 3 sons and our family adventures, snapshots, mostly impromptu into a moment in time and returning me to that day again makes me beam with happiness.

Something I wish I still had today

So far I think I can say I've kept just about everything that means or has meant something to me, for some reason or another, but like so many things, they get put away for safe keeping and only brought out very occasionally. So for me its important to bring my memories into everyday life where I can to enjoy them to the max.

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