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I'm Diane, I'm the creator, dreamer and sole worker at Kisses And Wishes which I run from my home studio in rural Scotland. When at University studying Architecture, it was clear to see that I preferred the digital design work more than drawing, so that became my focus.
In 2011, after working part time for a few years whilst being a Mum, the premature arrival of my second son saw everything twist on its heels. Unable to care for him alongside his numerous medical conditions whilst holding down a job, I set up Kisses And Wishes to enable me to work for myself - hands down the best decision I have ever made! Kisses And Wishes quickly evolved, and I now sell on numerous online platforms and ship worldwide on a daily basis.

Favourite Keepsake

I have a doll which would now be 70 years old. It belonged to my late Great Aunt and I would always cuddle it when I went to visit.

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