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Welcome to The Lovely Keepsake Company, the home of innovative ways to protect and preserve precious moments and memories from all through life.  Inspired by events in our own lives and of those around us, we have collected 400+ gifts to help treasure births, graduation, milestone birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, the memorial of a lost loved one and every other special occasion in between. 

From Keepsake Boxes to Photoframes, Sketches and Handprints to Mouldings and Journals, we even have a range of products we create from fabrics you have grown out of or finished with including cushions and bears made from babygros, school uniforms or football kits. 

If you have a special occasion coming up that you need a gift for or want to enjoy remembering the event, we have a gift idea for you!  Enjoy visiting, tell your friends and come back for your next celebration!

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