TLKC Charity Appeal. WE'RE AT £52,000 AND COUNTING!.......

There is a saying ‘charity begins at home’ but in our case, our charity focus began 20 miles from home, in fact quite the opposite, our charity focus all began because we couldn’t bring our newborn babies home!

In May 2013, our baby twins arrived early at 29 weeks and spent the first 10 weeks of their lives in Hull’s Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit.  Anya Elizabeth Rose weighed just 2lb 7oz and Xavier Andrew arrived 6 minutes later weighing just 2lb 12oz.  They are now gorgeous, adorable yet mischievous characters that brighten up the day of everyone then meet. They astound us every day with how well they have done. 

Our gratitude to the way the whole team looked after our entire family was immeasurable and to thank them, we committed the whole of 2014 to raise £25,000 to buy a much needed brand new transport incubator to support future premature babies. We wanted the nursing and consulting team to understand just how much we appreciate their care, love and professionalism.  We launched our appeal 2 babies, 2lb, 2 make a difference at Christmas 2013. We then completed an 18 mile Incubator Push, walked and climbed the National Three Peaks in 24 hours, held a charity auction, raffle and dinner dance, had friends doing marathons, triathlons and cycle rides and received an amazing response from everyone around us. The support was overwhelming. 

In just 6 months, through the support of friends, family and colleagues, we raised more than £50,000 and we continue to top up the appeal and have so far raised £52,700+. The unit has been able to buy a fantastic new transport incubator, an incubator cooling mat and a cooling cap to help prevent bleeds on the brain of premature babies.

As the germ of the idea for The Lovely Keepsake Company came whilst sitting next to our babies incubators wondering how on earth we could keep safe all the tiny keepsakes such as oxygen masks that we were given, it seems only fitting to continue to support such an important cause through our sales. 

We would love you to help us boost our appeal and continue to buy vital equipment for babies born too small, too soon or too sick.

For every item sold in our NICU/Special Care Collection, we invite you, our lovely customers, to donate 50p to our appeal and for every one of your that does, we will match it with another 50p, so that's £1 for every sale!

On behalf of the Unit, all the families of the preemie babies and especially our team, we thank you in advance for your support and donation.