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Collection: Stitch & Upcycle

Our stunning range of Stitch & Upcycle products are perfect for preserving treasured fabrics, particularly clothing, in ways that you can continue to love and cherish forever. Every parent falls in love with our beautiful bears and dolls when they see their baby's babygros or daughter's dress turned into new, precious friends for the whole family to love and enjoy.  Treasured items from precious times that we can ensure you can continue to love each day.


Our memory products in the range offer particularly comforting ways to remember loved ones as we turn favourite shirts, jumpers or dresses into new innovative items you keep close by.  We also have a stunning selection of cushions perfect for gifts for newborns with embroidered personalisation.  Each one is unique and we promise to love and cherish your items while they are in our possession as if they were our own.

Please remember to complete the personalisation drop downs and please read our Important Information about Keepsakes before sending anything to us. If you like the idea of a Stitch & Upcycle keepsake gift for a friend or loved one, visit our Gift Box section to see the easiest and most lovely way to arrange this!